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I am a Blended Family Life Coach. I've been in a blended family my entire life and have helped many clients find peace amongst the chaos. I'm so excited for you to live your best life, blended

My Journey to Coaching

I decided to turn a painful and abrupt career loss into an opportunity to invest in, and pursue, a profession I am passionate about and that would be able to serve a community that is very near and dear to my heart. That decision led me to the Health Coach Institute where I spent two years studying to become a certified Life, Health, and Transformational Mastery Coach. I knew, through the work I had done as a student, that I wanted to help people feel empowered in their own lives, no matter their circumstances. I was certain the moment I started down this path that I could help others. This is my calling.

Finding my niche within life coaching was easy. With all my ties to, and intertwining of blended family life, I knew this is where I could make a real difference in the world. My husband and I started a podcast and a social media presence titled “Blended Life” in 2018, years before I even knew what coaching was. We wanted to help other blended families feel less isolated because we understood that growth happens in community, not isolation. It’s pretty cool to see how God works, because it is that podcast and our Blended Life community that has been a huge reason my life coaching business has been successful. From passion project to purpose, I am in awe and in complete gratitude for this career and the lives I am able to touch.

I have four coaching certifications from Health Coach Institute: Life Coach, Health Coach, Transformational Coach and Mastery Coach.  I am proud to say I also have a BA in Liberal Studies from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA.  Education is very important to me; I will always consider myself a life-long student and am committed to investing in growing as a coach to make sure I am giving my clients the best experience possible in working with me.

My coaching journey has been full of grit, growth, and gratitude. A special shout out to my husband for being my support in ALL the ways so that I can be here, doing this.

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“I invest in my clients first before I ever ask them to invest in themselves.” -Julie

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How is Julie different than other coaches?

Coaching isn’t about handing out a “check list”; if check lists alone worked, there’d be one for each area of life and we’d all live by them. Telling clients to “do this not that” is not the approach Julie takes.

Coaching with Julie is about transforming beliefs through habit change so that her clients can experience their lives in a whole new way. It is from such a place that quality of life increases through expanding possibility and leveling up choice. She teaches her clients how to be able to shift their own belief/experience cycle should that be something they desire to do for themselves. Change a habit, change your LIFE; that’s the work!

 3 Pillars of Transformation

Julie helps her clients expand possibility and level up choice so that they can be the person they want to be and have the experience they want for themselves, no matter what is happening around them. The three pillars of Julie’s transformational coaching are: System, Support and Accountability. This trifecta is proven to create lasting habit change; freeing clients from their “stuckness” and giving them wings to fly.

My Experience in a Blended Family

I have been doing the blended family thing since I was one year old! I’ve been deep in it practically my entire life starting out as a stepchild, and am now a bio-parent, co-parent, and stepparent. That’s over 40 years of real-life blended family experience that no school can teach!

I’ve been co-parenting with my children’s father for a decade and have been a stepmom of two ‘officially by marriage’ since 2018 (introduced into their lives years prior). I have two bio children of my own, a boy and girl, and have been “mumming” since 2005. Being a bio-mom is the best, hardest job in the world, especially when you have to share. Being a stepmom is the most challenging job in the world because there’s a lot of expectation and responsibility devoid of power. Having a heart for all the kids in our blended family is my superpower; I relate to each of them as both a stepchild and child of divorce myself. This is a big part of what I bring to the table as a blended family life coach.

My husband Eric and I started our passion project Blended Life as an outreach to other blended families in 2018. It’s been our goal to offer support and a platform for people to be heard in a pretty isolating lifestyle. No one understands if they’re not in it, so trying to get real support from friends and family can be difficult. It’s rare they’re equipped to show up in the ways that are most needed and best guided when struggling in blended family life.

One thing I have really come to understand on this journey is how important support is in the well-being of people’s lives. You grow in community, not isolation, which is the crux of the stepparent/blended family life struggle; it can be very lonely.

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Laura Fremeau

“Julie is extremely easy to talk to and, like the name of her coaching business, she made me feel “heard”.  One of the most important feelings that Julie validated for me is the normalization of my thoughts and feelings about my partner, step kids, our blended dynamic and most of all, myself.  Prior to coaching with Julie, I felt like there was something wrong with me; that I was “bad” for having certain feelings and reactions to blended family situations. I struggled with how I felt I was “supposed” to feel vs. my real reactions and feelings. I was experiencing guilt and shame about my perceived “ugly” thoughts and feelings.  Julie helped me to embrace my power and encouraged me “to do the work” and find my place within my blended family. She provided new perspective and actual tools to use in my day-to-day real life.  The coaching and support that Julie has provided to me is invaluable and an investment that I feel, is priceless.”

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