From Chaos to Calm

Learn everything in the Taking Control 12 week program plus how to break free from being controlled by the chaos.

About the Program

  • 24 private 1:1 sessions with Julie
  • Meet weekly in-person, via phone or Zoom
  • Client action guides and handouts provided to support most sessions
  • Email support during business hours in between sessions
  • Welcome package

 *Pricing will be discussed at the end of your free breakthrough session.

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What You'll Learn

  • Change unwanted behaviors through leveling up choice.
  • Take your power back by defining your role in your blended family.
  • Create boundaries that honor your values in relationship so you can close the gap of who you want to be and who you are showing up as.
  • Release the fears from the past so you can show up fully in the present.
  • Explore freedom through forgiveness.

What is a typical session like?

While every session is customized to address your specific goals and challenges, the flow of each session will follow a cadence that you will quickly come to know and appreciate.

  • All sessions begin with an opportunity to recognize what's going well; gratitude FIRST!
  • There will be space to discuss challenges/obstacles you came up against between sessions.
  • We will discuss action items from the previous session; this is where you are held accountable.
  • Next up is the topic for the day. There could be exercises, discussions or any number of useful tools to gain understanding of the material. 
  • Your action steps will be assigned for the next week.
  • Closing comments.

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